Sunday, November 8, 2015

Get To Know the Windows 10 Bugs and Issues That Need To Be Fixed

With its successful launch on 29th July, 2015, Windows 10 has bagged over 75 million installations in its first month. But what was assumed to be a glitch-free software, turned out to be filled with a number of bugs. Microsoft acknowledges these bugs and has already released several automatic software. 

This article is mainly about all those bugs, which have been discovered and confirmed by Microsoft itself. These are not common bugs like crashing, freezing, etc., but bugs that are realistic. 

1)   Typing Features Do Not Work Everywhere

The Typing feature has been added in Windows 10. The first option ­­­----- proves to be handy in touch-screens. When the space bar is clicked twice at the end of a sentence the user will see a period, a space and then capital next letter.
For the onscreen keyboard, Play key sounds as I type option is very useful.

Bug: When these options are checked, nothing happens in the mail or other applications.

2)   Dragging Items In Start Button Is Ineffective

When an item is dragged to be pinned to the Start button, the tooltip displays the message “Pin To Start Menu”.

Bug: When the user removes the mouse from the icon (or finger if you are using touch screen) nothing will happen. The icon will not appear on Start menu.

3)   Assigned Access is Not Operable

Similar to Windows 8, you will find locked-off mode known as Assigned Access in Windows 10 as well. This option enables the users to run only one program. The user can’t switch apps, make any changes and therefore not get into some trouble. It is very useful if you have your kids up your nose all the time for using your system.

Bug: the problem with this feature is that when the user logs in with the specific account, the screen sometimes blink wildly and in some cases may end up in showing off-limits desktop.
In Tablets, it gets a lot more worse and the user cannot get out of this mode. At the end, the user needs to restart the system in order to resume the normal working.

4)   Guest Account Is Of No Use

The Guest Account is an ideal option to ensure the privacy of your system while someone is just temporarily using it. The account menu will list all the Guest Accounts.

Bug: Even if the user chooses the Guest Account name, he will see the login screen of his account only. There is no way to log into the Guest Account.

5)   Start Menu Cannot Be Enlarged

The Start Button in Windows 10 serves equally well to mouse or keyboard and touchscreen users. On the left side, the same old Start menu listing will appear and on the right side, the tiles of Windows 8 icons. You can resize the right side by dragging the edge correctly.

Bug: The drag and resize option does not work in touchscreen. You can try and try but all your efforts will be in pain and the right screen will not move an inch.

6)   Issues In Dialog Box “Restore Previous Versions”

The Restore Previous Versions option lets the users to rewind the changes made to a document. It takes back the document in its previous form. This option can be found by doing right-click on the document icon and select the Previous Versions option.

Bug: When the user selects the documents option, Properties tab will open and not the Previous versions tab.

7)   Option “Create Password Reset Disk” Is Not Working

The Password Reset Disk is a disk or a flash drive that enables the users to make a new password when the user forgets it. When the user searches for this option, the pp that creates this disk is there.

Bug: When the user searches for this option, it appears to be nowhere on the machine.

8)   Live Title For Mail Does Not Work

In the Start menu, the Mail app is designed to show all the new messages in your mailbox and also the subject line of the recent ones.

Bug: It only shows the subject line of a few messages and not the count of messages that have arrived.

9)   Get People Apps Does Not Work

The People Apps option has been a matter of doubt for Windows 10 users. In Windows 8 it used to search for contact and show its social status. It has now become fully a  Contacts app in Windows 10.

Bug: When this message is opened, it shows nothing and the message Your search for “” had no results.

10)   Inability To Create Star Rating

In the File Explorer window, the user can see a rating’s column abd can view the five-star ratings of songs, photos, etc. The users think that these ratings can be changed by just clicking on them.

Bug: This is not possible. The user needs to open the Properties box or the preview pane and then change the rating.


Although, Windows 10 might have some bugs with it does not mean it is not good. Basically no software is free of bugs and Microsoft has already gone great lengths in fixing these bugs.

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