Wednesday, October 8, 2014

IP Tracking Tool - A Necessity These Days to Trace Location of Received Emails

These days the requirement of IP tracking tool has become a necessity and the main motive of this article is to devise suitable methods to track IP addresses of received emails. The reason being that the necessity to track IP address especially of received emails has shown a high rise and this cannot be done manually without any tool. However, an individual can track his/ her own IP address on a PC by executing the ‘ipconfig’ command in the command prompt window. On doing this, the IP address gets displayed on the command prompt screen. But before we get into the details of IP tracking tool to trace IP Address, let us learn what IP Address is.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


When we are using any computer which requires password authentication, the need to hide the passwords arises. The passwords related to systems are stored in the database either hashed or in plain text or using various other methods. These tables are vulnerable to theft as plaintext passwords are a dangerous attempt. Mostly, the passwords are stored as cryptographic hashes of user’s passwords. By using hashes for the passwords no one can determine the actual password. The authentication requires matching of two values, the entered one and the value stored in databases. The access is granted only when the two values match.